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Tax Planning

Plan Ahead to Save at Tax Time

Businesses and individuals alike have one thing in common – both have to pay taxes. Today’s tax laws can make filing extremely complex, taking valuable time and money that you may not owe. Fortunately, it’s possible to take steps ahead of time and save yourself a significant sum.

At MyCue & Brown, CPA PC, we provide insightful tax planning services to help you keep more of your money at tax time. Our years of experience working with businesses and individuals enables us to customize our services to the needs of our clients.

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Expert Tax Planning Services

Strategic tax planning focuses on finding current and future opportunities that result in a lower tax rate later on. We start with an in-depth evaluation of your financial situation, where we build an estimate of what your tax liability will be. We then look for possible deductions and exemptions you may qualify for, and other ways to legally reduce your tax liability.

Our talented staff work with you to provide the guidance you need to make sound financial decisions for your family or business. Our tax planning services include, but are not limited to:

Why Plan Taxes Ahead of Time?

Most people consider taxes after the fact, often as inevitable. When you shift your focus, you can proactively deal with taxes and hold onto more of your money overall.

Many people overlook opportunities that could allow them to significantly lower their taxes, such as deferring income through an employer-sponsored 401(k) or getting tax rebates on certain purchases. There are also unique deductions that aren’t widely known, which you may not be aware you qualify for.

Working with an experienced professional helps you become aware of these opportunities. We can help you determine the best strategy that will help you lower your liability and provide the most positive outcome for your finances and quality of life. For businesses, we help you organize your accounting and filing, making tax season easier for you.

Dedicated to Your Financial Success

At MyCue & Brown, CPA PC, helping you improve your finances is our passion and our purpose! Whether it’s through tax planning, bookkeeping, or simple financial advice, we are here to serve all your accounting needs.

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